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The beautiful Villa De Oro Beach Resort is located right in the heart of the seven-kilometer stretch of Boracay Island, that is, less than ten minutes walk from Station 2 or 3, this is very near to the Tourist Center, Philippine National Police Headquarters.

Its location address is Beachfront Resort between Boat Stations 2 and 3, Manggayad, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan.

This particular resort is considered as the the most secured area among three other stations with neighboring resorts like La Carmella, Calypso, Casa Pillar on the West side and on the North side we have Boracay Chalet, Nigui Nigui Noos Resort, Victory Divers, Charles Bar, El Centro, Boracay Regency, Barracuda Bar, Summer Place Bar and D’Mall de Boracay to name a few.


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