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Studio flats have additional kitchen , bar and lounge areas, which can also accommodate another bed, if requested in advance. The Roof Terrace is open all day for relaxing, breakfast and sunset drinks with the beautiful sea view. Within a couple of minutes walk is a gourmet restaurant with spectacular views, a beach restaurant and 3 beach bars.


Facilities & Services:

* 17 Veranda Cottages
* 8 Standard Rooms
* 2 Family Rooms

* Multi Purpose Hall
* Meeting Rooms
* Banquet Hall
* Commissary
* Clothing Shop
* Mongolian Grill at Garden Café
* Barbecue Sizzlers
* Beach Bed and Umbrellas
* Sports Bar
* Billiard Hall
* Henna Tattoo
* Mindanao Pearls
* On Call Manicurist


cottageairconed room

veranda 1veranda 2

benchbilliard table




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