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villa de oro entrance

Derived its name from a Spanish word "Village Of Gold", Villa De Oro Boracay Beach Resort, an enchanting tropical retreat far away from the maddening din and hustle of city life. Nestled among swaying palms silhouetted against a deep-blue sky and looking out to one of the world's most beautiful stretches of sugar-white-sand beaches, Villa De Oro Resort offers the city-weary and adventure-seeking traveller the unique experience of communing with nature at it's pristine best while enjoying luxurious accomodation, not to mention dining on world-cuisine, having fun wind-surfing, parasailing, snorkelling or scuba diving -- or simply lying on the sand and taking in the tropical sun.

boracay shore

Experience the best of Boracay while in Villa De Oro Beach Resort. This resort is within easy walking distance to the famous white beach. This world-class beach resort serves an enchanting tropical retreat to guests who want to get away from the busy metro life. Ideally set amidst the palm trees, Villa De Oro Beach Resort offers a unique experience of a luxurious island accommodation while re-uniting with nature.

What's great about the location is that it isn't too close to the busy section known as D'Mall where there are lots of shops and street vendors trying to accost you for impulse items, food or to negotiate deals on beach activities like island hopping, water skiing and paragliding. For those who will need their necessities, D'Mall is only a five- to ten- minute walk away so buying necessary items isn't too far out of reach.

villa de oro staff

Once stepping into the venue one is greeted by very friendly staff who look after all your needs. The staff were very courteous and always greeted every guests with a hello and even tried to engage in English conversation as much as possible. The venue itself retains a very traditional look with a bamboo hut type theme with the monsoonal highly sloped roofs which are more for functionality rather than cosmetic purposes.

The Television here is loaded with local Filipino cable and the room is fully air conditioned so the creature comforts are there if one needs them. With these two features on hand going to sleep at night was quite easy and waking up in the morning felt refreshing and revitalising! The lodge situated in the back of the hotel definitely was not disturbed by noisy passing tourists and there is a 24-hour security service guard at the front who looks out for hotel patrons as well - so a good night's sleep was had by all of the guests.

inside the vdo 1inside the vdo 2

Valued guests staying at the Villa De Oro Beach Resort are offered with the following amenities and services: air-conditioned rooms and complete bath and toilet facilities in native cottages, Mongolian barbecue grill with buffet, access to palm-groved gardens and rest areas, elegant room interiors, spacious living areas, and private verandah for selected units.

Villa De Oro Beach Resort’s guests also have the advantage of relaxing in a Bali-Indonesian inspired atmosphere blended with the traditional warmth and hospitality of the Filipino. Enjoy peaceful and tranquil surroundings made possible by a grand view of the ocean and the sound of the chimes. Situated conveniently between boat Stations 2 and 3, Villa De Oro’s guests have easy access to restaurants, bars, tourist center, hospitals, flea markets, souvenir shops, and dive centers.

boracay shore view

Truly, Villa De Oro is an ideal place to anyone who is looking for cheap, affordable yet surprisingly adequate and comfortable accomodation on the Boracay Island away from the hustle and bustle of the main romp and what's more it only takes half-a-minute walk to the beach.

Promising the best in island, this beach resort brings the best in luxury resort experience with its courteous hospitality and world-class facilities.



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